Adjusting Sliding Wardrobe Doors

how to adjust your wardrobe doors

You'll be glad to hear that adjusting sliding wardrobe doors is simple, this instruction is for the steel sliding door system, and there's just a couple of things you need to know.

To ensure that each door sits flush with the wall and/or other
doors you need to raise or lower the left and right sides of
the door. The door level above the bottom track can be
raised or lowered by adjusting the screw on the bottom
rollers, using a screwdriver.

  •  To move the doors down - Turn clockwise
  •  To move the doors up - Turn anti-clockwise

Adjusting sliding wardrobe doors quick step by step guide...

  1. Before you attempt to fit the doors to the tracks, make sure all the adjusters are screwed down (clockwise) to the minimum level, other wise they won't fit in the tracks.
  2. When you first fit the doors in they may not run, this is because you will need to engage the wheels in the bottom track.
  3. Position the top of the door in the top frame and align the bottom wheels with the grooves in the tracks.
  4. Turn the adjusting screw anti clockwise and the door will begin to raise slowly. Eventually the wheel will engage easily in to the track, you may hear it click in. Repeat this for the other side and your sliding door will now run smoothly.
  5. If the doors are too high or to low they will not run freely and you will hear them scrape on the top or bottom track. Adjust until the doors run freely
  6. You will likely find that there is a gap at either the top of bottom of the frames where they meet the wall horizontally.
  7. By adjusting the side of each door side up or down you can ensure the doors fit square
  8. Note: The more accurate your measurements and the more square your space is the less adjustment you'll need. I do recommend that if your walls, floor or ceiling are not level that you fit wall and floor liners. These can be packed so that you get a good square frame for your doors

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