Customize Sliding Door Height

by Michelle


I have an opening of Height 2900mm x width 2600mm. Is there any chance of ordering a bespoke partition with the mentioned height?

Hi Michelle,

unfortunately we are limited by the maximum length of the components used to make the doors, and therefore the maximum height we manufacture to is 2490mm. With the use of floor liners you can increase this by 18mm, or 36mm if you use two.

But that's not going to get you close to 2900mm!

Aditionally doors longer than this are not very stable, and will 'wobble' in the frames some what. So we really do recommend sticking to the maximum height and building your ceiling down.

This can be done by using 'height reducers' available from most DIY stores.

The ceilings in my previous house were quite high so we built an infill. This involved fixing wooden blocks to the ceiling, attaching a baton underneath to fit the top track too, and lining the front with plasterboard which was decorated the same as the rest of the room.

You can see the result of this in the photo's

I hope this helps

Feel free to request a quote!

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