Wardrobe End Panel in a Fitted Bedroom Wardrobe

A wardrobe end panel is simply a panel used to form the end of your fitted bedroom wardrobe. If you're not fitting wall to wall wardrobes then you will need one or two of them for your wardrobes.

  • If your wardrobe adjoins 1 wall you will need 1 panel, and if it isn't next to any walls you'll need 2 end board panels one on each end!)

  • Fitted floor to ceiling these panels are made from 18mm melamine particle board This is used extensively in fitted furniture, for it's strength and versatility. Our boards are sourced from Kronospan the number 1 panel producer Worldwide or EGGER, who list one of their highest priorities as the sustainable use of raw materials.

  • Wardrobe panels come in a standard size of 640mm x 2620mm and are available in a range of wood grains to match our sliding wood closet doors as well as black and white.

  • The front of the wardrobe panel is finished with a 2mm edge band, giving a high quality finish.

  • If you are fitting a floor liner this should be fitted inside the panel. There is no need to use a wall liner as well.

  • If your wall or floor is uneven you might want to scribe it first to match the shape of the wall or floor. Usually this is not necessary and you want to make sure you don't remove too much if your interiors are a set size.

  • To scribe an end for your fitted bedroom wardrobes, use a compass. Set to the required size to be removed and simply run the pointed end down the wall marking the panel with the pencil, this will give you a perfect profile of the wall. Cutting is best done by hand, with a sharp saw, slightly undercutting away from the edge to be seen. Then simply offer up the panel and plane off any high points for a snug fit.
  • To fit an end panel up to skirting you can either remove a small section of the skirting so it slots in neatly. Or take out a small section of the end so it fits over the skirting.

  • Fit them to the wall at 90o using fixing blocks or an angle bracket.

  • Measurements should be taken from inside the end panel

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