Fitted Bedroom Wardrobe Interiors

We supply all the shelving and panels for you to fit your own fitted bedroom wardrobe interiors.

Panels are supplied in fixed lengths for you to cut to size, for a completely bespoke, made to measure interior.

Your interiors, available in a range of colours to match your wardrobe, are made of high quality 18mm PVC edged melamine particle board, this is a higher grade than most home assembly packs and has a much longer life span.

All our internals are 500mm in depth, although we can manufacture bespoke widths, please ask for details.

Example of Wardrobe Interiors

The wardrobe interiors in the picture to the right is in our showroom. (note we have a suspended ceiling and therefore used an end panel to form the 'lid'. Normally the track fits straight to the ceiling)

  • For these interiors we used 3 shelves
  • The uprights, used to support the top shelf were cut to 1900mm from 2620mm sheves
  • The top shelf was cut to size and positioned on top of the uprights
  • Smaller shelves were made from the cut offs and used in the left hand compartment
  • We then added double hanging in the centre and single hanging at the end, cut from a 3000m hanging rail

The total cost for these interiors was £158 (excluding drawer and basket.)

Interior Prices

  • Shelf measuring 2620mm x 500mm x 18mm in white or woodgrain £46
  • Hanging rail measuring 3000mm with fixings for 3 rails £25
  • Chrome basket to fit in space 464mm wide, complete with fixings £40
  • Modular shelf stack with 2 side panels, 3 fixed shelves (white, beech or oak) H2100mm x W500mm x D500mm £225
  • Drawer with soft close feature to fit in shelf stack, complete with fixings £72

Extras You Might Need

  • Liners, also known as strike plates or plinths, for the walls and floor 2620mm x 100mm x 18mm £20 each
  • End panel, if your fitted bedroom wardrobe is not going wall to wall, (can also be used as a lid as shown above) 2620mm x 640mm x 18mm £60


  • Fit your interiors first, before fitting liners or tracks.
  • 4 and 5 door configurations can be made up of any combination of the 2 & 3 door plans for a multitude of shelving ideas.
  • The best plan is to design your interiors behind each door. Therefore a 2 door system would have 2 compartments behind, a 3 door 3 compartments etc. This makes it easy to access your things as you slide each door.
  • Please note: Sliding wardrobe interiors can only be ordered with a full sliding door system.

This is a guide, if you want to do something different, of course you can! Here are some examples of fitted bedroom wardrobe designs you can use.

2 door: Top shelf, hanging rail
2 door: top shelf, center support,single and double hanging rail
2 door: top shelf, shelf stack,
single and double hanging rail
3 door: top shelf, center support,
hanging rail
3 door: top shelf, center support,
single and double hanging rail
3 door: top shelf, 2 supports,
single and double hanging rail
3 door: top shelf, shelf stack,
single and double hanging rail
3 door: top shelf,2 shelf stacks,
single and double hanging rail

Your fitted bedroom wardrobe, unless you are building up to a low ceiling, should have a top shelf, which will be supported by uprights. Note how the space above the hanging rail is wasted in the picture below.

Your hanging rails are fixed to the uprights or shelf stack and wall or end panel at either end.

Bulky items, or things you don't use very often can be stored on the top shelf. Space is often wasted over the hanging rail.

How tall should my hanging be?

Most wardrobes have a top shelf, and hanging underneath this at about eye level makes it easy to see your clothes. Long clothes such as dresses and coats need full hanging space. Generally fitting a top shelf at 1900mm from the floor will give plenty of room for full and double hanging.

Short hanging is generally anything up to 1000mm.

A common design for fitted bedroom wardrobe interiors:

  • A top shelf with storage above
  • 2 rows of short hanging
  • Long hanging with space underneath for shoe boxes

Depth from Front to Back

The standard depth of the interiors is 500mm. Build your wardrobe out to 640mm if you have the space. This ensures good clearance between the doors and your hanging clothes or shelves.

However you can build your wardrobe as deep as you like, and we can also provide bespoke width panels should you need them.

Drawers fitting into shelf stacks are perfect for smaller items such as underwear. However do be careful when you design your interiors that the drawers will have space to open when your doors are fitted!

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