Turn Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes into a New Stylish Sliding Door Wardrobe

I never liked the look of the fitted bedroom wardrobes that we had built in the 80s but they provided masses of extra storage space.

I considered painting or changing the doors to bring them up to date but the flat fronted design would still remain, so a more radical solution was required. How about a sliding door wardrobe?

It seemed that with some effort the front of the fitted wardrobe with the existing doors could be removed leaving all that useful storage to be accessed by some smart new doors. My husband John volunteered to do the job and we set about finding suitable doors.

We visited a couple of furniture stores and browsed the web to compare makes and prices. We soon came across Wardrobe Design Online and were impressed with the layout of the website, all the useful advice and the reasonable prices.

Following Sophie’s measuring instructions we carefully measured the wardrobe dimensions (2.8m wide by 2.4m high) and opted for a four door solution with one mirror door.

I could not decide which colour to have and requested some samples from the company as well asa quotation.

Having decided on a maple finish for the doors and frames the order was placed and paid for.

The company contacted us with a delivery date before the promised 28 days and were happy to delay delivery to suit us. Delivery was made on the agreed date and although the ordered end panel and wall liner had been omitted a phone call resulted in their delivery the next morning.

After a couple of hours with a screwdriver and a hammer John removed the front of the original fitted wardrobe and we then cleaned and refurbished the interior. The end panel was glued and screwed to the existing wardrobe side after shaping it to fit the skirting and the ceiling.

John decided to cut out a section of skirting board for the wall liner and not having the Bosch tool suggested by Sophie found that a hobby tenon saw was an effective tool for the job.

The wall liner was glued to the wall to avoid visible screw heads.

With the addition of floor liners all the preparation work had been completed and we were ready to install the sliding door tracks

The top and bottom tracks were cut to length as per Sophie’s instructions. (TOP TIP:- CLS timber from B&Q is 38mm deep with rounded corners and perfect to support the top track for cutting) There was no recommendation for the distance between fixing screws so we drilled and screwed at 600mm intervals.

It was time to mount the four doors. They can be handled by one person but it is easier with two.

They slotted into the top track and with a few turns of a screwdriver the wheels dropped into the bottom track and the doors glided smoothly into position.

A little adjustment of height at each end was all that was needed to make the doors meet the end panels exactly.

What a transformation from out-dated fitted bedroom wardrobes look to modern elegance and practicality. The doors look and perform exactly as I hoped and I am sure they will give many years of service.

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