Fitting Floor Liners to your Closet Sliding Doors

Floor liners are a good idea to ensure your doors run smoothly. Your wardrobes sliding doors need to be fitted to a firm flat surface.

Laminate floor is ideal. But if you are fitting to a thick carpet or uneven surface I would recommend using a liner first.

Liners are designed to fit directly onto the floor under the bottom track.

These are exactly the same as a wall liner. Measuring 100mm width x 2620mm length x 18mm depth, you cut them to length and fit to the floor where you want your bottom track to run.

If your width is more than 2500mm you'll need 2 sections butted together. Liners should be fixed to the floor, counter sinking the screws so the bottom track fits flat on top of it.

Check that it is level, with a spirit level before screwing down. You may need to pack the liner first if your floor is very uneven.

If you are using our liners, remember to deduct 18mm off your opening height when giving us your measurements.

We always manufacture doors to fit the internal measurements floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

Fitting Guide

  1. Measure your space wall to wall, or if you have not removed the skirting, measure between the skirting boards.
  2. Saw the liner to size less 2mm
  3. Drill holes around 150mm from both ends, the rest of the screws should be spaced at around 500mm apart evenly
  4. Place your liner it it's position and check it's level with a spirit level
  5. If required, pack under the liner to bring it level
  6. Screw the liner to the floor counter sinking the screws so that the track fits flat on op of them

Floor liners come in a range of effects to match your sliding doors beech, cherry, maple, oak, vanilla, walnut, wenge and white. Special colours can be ordered to match other furniture (premium applies)

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