Fuchsia Pink Bedrooms: What Does a Pink Wardrobe Design Say About You?

pink sliding doors forbedrooms

Fuchsia pink bedrooms are child like, cheerful, and exciting. Similar to red, pinks can be a sensual colour without being over the top.

Resulting in sweet dreams, romance and fairy tales. Pink is a color depicting happiness and may speak of a desire for the more carefree days of childhood.

How the color pink influences our moods

  • Fuchsia pinks stimulate energy
  • They also encourage action and confidence.
  • Pink is a youthful color, exiting and fun

That's why a fuchsia pink wardrobe design is such a great choice for a girls wardrobe. Of course if you're not so young any more then pink will remind you of those carefree days of fairy tales and romance!

Combining pink with more contemporary colours as show here, such as cappuccino, black, or a dark wood grain, is a fabulous way to use the colour in a modern room.

To create more 'dreamy' girls bedroom ideas, combine fuchsia pink with frosted or white glass, mirrors or white ash wood grain.

The beauty of the glass sliding doors, is that you can introduce a strong fuschia pink focal point, and can keep the walls a lighter more neutral colour. This prevents the room looking too over the top.

pink wardrob

Funnily enough in Japan pink is seen as a masculine color, so a strong pink blended with more contemporay colours can make an ideal 'couples' bedroom.

The color is applied to the back of the glass, covered by a safety back film. This ensures that the side you use does not scratch, as a beautiful translucent depth, and of course if they were to break (and they are toughened glass so it'd be difficult) there's no shattering.

Take a look at other bedroom colour schemes

It's very important to remember that sliding glass doors colours vary greatly between monitors and printers. If you want to be sure of a good colour match I advise you to request colour samples

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