Size of Available Opening for 3 Door Sliding Wardrobe

If I order a 3 door sliding wardrobe do all three doors close across each other so a maximum opening of two doors wide can be achieved ? For example - 3x 800MM wardrobe doors closed across each other to give approx 1600mm opening.

Hi, good question!

Normally 3 doors would run on two tracks, so if you opening was 2320mm you would have 800m doors. This means you can open just one section of the wardrobe at the same time giving an opening of 720mm.

However there is an alternative...

...using a single track along with the standard double track effectively gives you a 3 track system, and therefore all the 3 doors will be able to slide behind one an other. You would get 1520mm opening, as we allow an extra 80mm on a 3 doors wardrobe door overlap.

I hope this helps, there is some more general information below on door configurations and overlaps.


More information on calculating overlaps and openings for sliding wardrobe doors

Calculating Overlaps

  • 2 doors = 1 over lap = 40mm . There is one over lap at the centre

  • 2 door sliding wardrobe

  • 3 doors = 2 over laps = 80mm. 2 doors on the rear track and 1 on the front.

3 door sliding wardrobe

By adding a single track the doors can run on triple track

3 door sliding wardrobe on triple track

  • 4 doors = 2 overlaps = 80mm or 3 overlaps = 120mm. There are 2 options for 4 doors depending on the way the doors are positioned. Both on double tracks. In option 1 there are 3 overlaps and option 2 there are 2 overlaps.

4 door sliding wardrobe on double track

Another option with 4 doors is to have 2 sets of tracks together

4 door sliding wardrobe

When deciding on the door configuration you need it's very much down to preference and how you want to use the sliding wardrobe.

Using extra track enables you to access more of the wardrobe at any one time. But this will affect the space the track needs – 120mm for a triple track system.

If you can afford to lose a little space in the depth then it's a good option for a 3 door sliding wardrobe.

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