How to Fit Sliding Door Track Systems

fitting the sliding doors top firs

Precise fitting of your sliding door tracks will give you years of trouble free sliding storage space. Here's my detailed how to illustrated guide to fitting closet door tracks.

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The tracks allow the doors to smoothly bypass each other. The doors are carried by wheeled bottom rollers. The top track features 2 channels allowing the doors to pass each other.

Each door is held in place by nylon top guides, meaning all the sliding door weight is distributed evenly over the bottom sliding panel track.

Our track systems are available in either steel or aluminium.

Cutting the Sliding Panel Track – Top and Bottom

how to cut the bottom track by had
  1. Tracks will be supplied longer than required and will need cutting to size to ensure a snug fit
  2. Measure carefully the width of the space the track is to be fitted in
  3. Deduct 3mm from this measurement and mark on the track
  4. Cut the track at the marked point using a fine-toothed metal saw
  5. Repeat for the other track
  6. To make cutting the top track easier insert in 38mm thick wood blocks to avoid deflection during cutting.

How to Install the top Sliding Door Tracks

fixing the top trac
  1. Use a detector to ensure there is no electrical wiring at the at the screw fixing points.
  2. Install the top track with the shadow line facing outwards to mask any minor ceiling irregularities.
  3. Fix the top track with screws
  4. Do not apply excessive force when tightening the screws, otherwise the track will warp.

Installing the Bottom Tracks

laying the bottom track 27mm behind the top track
  • Ensure you are fitting to a solid surface. Use floor liners if neccessary.
  • Lay the bottom track on the floor, offsetting it about 27 mm from the door (inwards). Do not fix at this stage.
  • Using a Philips screwdriver, turn the adjusting bolt in the bottom wheels to minimum.
  • Fully insert the door leaf in the top track, taking care not to damage the bottom rollers.
  • Align the bottom end of the door leaf with bottom track and slowly lower the leaf, letting the rollers snap into the tracks.
installig the bottom trac

  • Use a level to make sure the door is exactly plumb; align the bottom track
    • Check if the door travels smoothly along the entire width of the opening.
    • Having precisely aligned the bottom track, screw it to the base.
    • The other doors can then be fitted into place

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