8 Ways with Sliding Mirror Doors

The clever use of Sliding Mirror Doors can create space, light and ambience in any rooms. From the 17th century mirrors have become an important part of interior decoration.

shaker style wardrobe mirror sliding doo

To make the most of your mirror doors try these top tips

  • Use mirrors opposite a window in a dark narrow room to reflect light.
  • The clever use of lighting over a full length door mirror accentuates the light reflecting properties
  • Combine mirrors with pale colours to create an oasis of calm. Choose soft shades for a sophisticated and calming bedroom. Combine, biscuits, chocolate and cappuccino. colours (mmm sounds delicious!) with soft creams and mirrors
  • Use your Sliding Mirror Doors in a tight space. With no doors opening out in to the room, they really make the most of your space, while the reflective mirror creates the illusion of space
beech wardrobe with mirror doors
  • Combine mirrors with split glass panels or wood effect it you want to break up the 'mirror wall'.
  • If reflective mirror isn't for you, but you'd still like to lighten that space try frosted wardrobe mirror doors
  • Of course they'll make your room look great, and you can check your self out the full length door mirror too negating the need for an additional full length mirror in the room – saving you even more space!

So we know how to get the best look with our sliding mirror doors. Lets not forget the rest of the benefits.

  • Turn your walls into storage space
  • Wall to wall, floor to ceiling
  • They don't side, they glide to hide that clutter
  • Upto 50% more space than a standard wardrobe
  • Design your own bespoke interiors
  • Hundreds of designs to suit your space perfectly

Mirror doors are one of the most cost effective home improvements you can make. Builders often use them in show homes to show off the storage area and make the rooms more spacious.

Hairdressers find they add a classy look to the salon while hiding away all that hairdressing clutter.

Perfect in hotels, boasting a full length wardrobe mirror with clever lighting, and stylish finishes.

Useful in mobile homes. Hiding useful storage behind gliding doors that reflect and create space.

Sliding mirror doors with white glass top and bottom and beech frames

The chemical process of coating a glass surface with metallic silver was discovered by Justus von Liebig in 1835, and this advance inaugurated the modern techniques of mirror making. Present-day mirrors are made by sputtering a thin layer of molten aluminium or silver onto the back of a plate of glass in a vacuum. (Source: Encyclopedia Britanica)

Common Questions about Mirror Sliding Doors

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