New soft close device range

We are pleased to announce the launch of an all new range of soft close devices,
designed and engineered in Germany.

Factory fitted - Easy to install

German engineering: We have sourced and visited the German manufacturer of the original soft close device for sliding wardrobes. They continue to be at the forefront of technology and maintain the highest standards of quality and precision when making their devices. We are confident that the soft-close devices we can now supply are one of the best products in the European market.

We have worked with the technical engineers in Germany to produce profile specific adapters for the majority of our aluminum and, FOR THE FIRST TIME OUR painted steel profiles, allowing the devices to be used across our range.

BRAND NEW CENTRE CLOSE :This product is brand new to the UK market - this device is specifically designed for the centre door on a three or five door run.  Due to its unique double piston design it allows the door to soft close to the centre position but can be opened EITHER to the left or right.

Factory fitted : The devices will be pre-fitted to all manufactured doors, leaving only the installation of the activation PIN to the end user. The devices can be fitted in a variety of configurations  to provide for various soft closing solutions

Left OR Right Only - used on doors that interact with a single wall or end panel - Left will be fitted so that the door closes with the left stile against the wall- Right will be the opposite.(min door width 650mm)

Left AND Right - used on doors that interact with more than one wall/end panel - examples would be both doors on a 2 door run - and the center door on 3/5 door runs- fitting both left and right ensure that the door closes softly against either wall (min door width 950mm)

Centre Close - Only available on the centre door in a three or five door run (min door width 650mm)

LEFT or RIGHT fitted to door  minimum width 650mm - £25.00 inc VAT
LEFT and RIGHT fitted to door- minimum width 950mm - £50.00 inc VAT
CENTRE CLOSE fitted to doors - minimum width 650mm - £50 inc VAT

Easy Installation : The soft close activation PIN is shipped with screws and a double sided fixing pad.

To install correctly;
1. Measure the distance between the softclose activation socket and   the edge of the door
2. Mark the position of the activation socket  of the soft-close device on the top track.
3. Position to PIN using the double sided pad so that the PIN is inline with the mark just made - with the PIN to the front of the track channel
4. Screw the PIN in place using the provided screws
5. Charge the device on the top of the door by moving the activation socket towards the edge of the door
6. Install the door and run into the soft close PIN

Note - The activation PIN length may require trimming dependent on the vertical position of the doors within the track - the PIN can be trimmed using a standard hacksaw.

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