Fitted sliding wardrobe, sliding wardrobe doors online, wardrobe design

I made a decision! It was becoming far too onerous to build a shop for every configuration of fitted sliding wardrobe. So I've published the frame and panel prices online that you can download.

Check out the new page here...

I think this gives a much fairer shopping experience. You can easily see what factors affect the overall price, and really get the best deal for your space.

Fitted sliding wardrobe, sliding wardrobe doors online, wardrobe design

My glass doors especially are great value, designer doors at trade prices, one customer just told me

"I'll be honest, I'm quite surprised by the cost, it's actually well below the cheapest quote I found on line."

I'd love some feedback! Did you find the price list easy to use, and have you got any suggestions for improvement?

I look forward to hearing from you


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Hurry, price rise coming on May 1st 2012 (on delivery and interiors)

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wardrobe sliding mirror doors

"Hi Sophie, the doors are all fitted and look great thanks, we are really pleased with how they look. Regards from a very satisfied customer, Jason." Read more about these stunning orange internal sliding doors...

wardrobe sliding mirror doors

"The doors were installed a couple of days ago and we are very pleased with the way they look and perform. Best wishes, Brenda" Read more about Brenda's new fitted bedroom wardrobes...

wardrobe sliding doors

"The doors were great thanks and make all the difference! Thanks also for your excellent communication and customer service. Regards Kim."

Cherry with<br> gold frames

"Sophie, many thanks the product was excellent and fitted a dream. Mark"

fitted sliding wardrobe interiors

"All installed, went like a dream. Client really pleased with the product. Thanks for all your help. Tim"

Black & fuchsia glass<br> silver frames

wardrobe sliding doors

wardrobe sliding doors

Maple with<br> bronze mirror

Blue & Sky Blue<br> silver frames

Red Glass<br> Silver frames

Maple with<br> bronze mirror

Pink & Capachino Glass<br> Black frames

Buttermilk & Cherry<br> Gold frames