How to Measure for your Wardrobe Plans

The first stage in your Wardrobe plans is to measure accurately to ensure your new wardrobe sliding doors fit perfectly.

Ideally you'll have some-one to hold the tape measure taught, to make sure the measurements are accurate. Use a metal tape measure and write down the measurement as soon as you've got each one.

Remember you'll need to measure where your doors are going to run. The height and width maybe different at the back of the wall to where the doors will be running.

I created a free wardrobe plans measuring guide to make is simple - click here open and print it

Measure Your Height

Measure your height from top to bottom. Measuring in mm is more accurate, but inches is fine too. Measure in at least 3 different places, ideally take a measurement every meter. Write down all your measurements as you take them. It is the smallest measurement you need to send to us.

Measure Your Width

Your width is measured in the same way. Measure across the entire width, at the top, bottom and in the middle. Write all these down and calculate the average measurement.

  • Of course if your wardrobe closets are not going wall to wall, you will need 1 or 2 end panels.
  • You do not need to adjust your measurements for overlap, or calculate what width doors you need, we will do all this for you.
  • You do need to account for wall liners or floor liners if you are going to use them.
  • If you are using your own liners you need to account for this if you've not yet fitted them.
  • Using our liners you will need to take 18mm off your floor to ceiling height and 18mm of the width for each wall liner used.
  • Also be aware that if you are fitting a new carpet and it's not yet down your measurements may change.
  • Once you have your measurements you can decide how many wardrobe sliding doors you need

  1. Upto 2400 = 2 doors
  2. 1750 to 3580 = 3 doors
  3. 2300 - 4800mm = 4 doors
  4. 2900 - 5000mm = 5 doors

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